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Please use this link to reach our Wen-Gage online portal, to enroll your student at Agra Public Schools:

Once you have your username/password:
1. Login, using this link 

2. Click "Student Records Portal"

3. Click on "Enroll Student - 2021-2022" for the student that you want
to enroll. Then complete steps 4-8 below, and repeat for each of your students (if you have a new student to enroll, click the "Add New Student" button)

4. Fill out the information for your student (note you may have to scroll down to see all fields), click "Save And Continue to Step 2"

5. Double check the family members ("Relations") for your student, to see if any need to be added or removed

6. Click the "Step 3" tab in the upper middle

7. Complete all of the required forms, and any optional forms that relate to your student

8. Click the blue "Submit to Site" in the upper right. If you have more students to enroll, click "Back To Students" 

9. Once you have made sure all of your students have been enrolled, log out to make sure your information stays private

If you have any questions or run in to any issues, please contact Karla Revelette at

Welcome new Bearcats!