Why has the after school program changed?

Thankfully, we were awarded federal funding through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers for the 2011 school year.  Because of this, we want to provide our students with numerous activities that will educate and entertain them.  We want to provide a structured and healthy environment for students before and after school.

Why does my child have to enroll monthly?

Since we are providing staff and materials for the numerous activities in PROJECT21C, it is imperative students enroll monthly so we know what supplies and staff to provide for the students.  

Does my child have to attend PROJECT21C every night?

No, they do not.  However, to fully benefit from the program and enrichment activities it would be best if they did.  Our main goal in PROJECT21C is to increase every regular participants standardized test scores through educational and fun activities in the before and after school program.

Why are there student limits for some classes?

Since some classes require greater detail and/ or supervision, we have to set class size limits for advanced classes such as guitar and dance.

What if my student enrolls for a class that is full?

We will do our best to offer the class again if possible, we want all students to have equal opportunities.  Along with this, even though the specialized class is full, we will still have activities for students in other classrooms.

Why can't I pick up my student anytime from the PROJECT21C?

Because PROJECT21C is spending time and money on specialized activities, we ask that parents only pick up their child at 4:30pm OR 5:30pm. If a parent comes early to pick up their child we will ask them to wait so we do not disturb the class sessions.