2017-2018 Elem. Spotlights

  2017-2018 Spotlights

Author’s Visit 

Dr. Hartfield visited Pk-1st grade to share her book, Rosie The Pig.  

Dr. Hartfield brought Rosie to visit our students as well.

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November Assembly


Mr. Meeks found out OSU lost the bedlam food drive and he gets a pie in the face. We had 912 total food items donated!

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Preparing to take his pie in the face!

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TTrey Poteet delivers the pie in the face for the OU fans. 

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We had many Disney Characters show up to our assembly.


Mrs. Loveland’s Archery Club was recognized.


Fun In First Grade

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                                      Crazy hair day!                                                             Wear your favorite hat day!   

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                             Too cool to do drugs!                                                              Favorite Disney Character!                                            

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                                Tie Dye/Hippie Day!                                                                  Honoring our Veterans.           


Mrs. Parker’s AR Readers

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Some of our COLORFUL staff:



         (L-R) Miss Hawthorn-2nd, Mrs. Findley-3rd, Mrs. Williams-4th; Mrs. Revette-Elem. Secretary, Dr. Watkins-Elem. Principal, 

Mrs. Worthy-Super. Secretary, Mrs. Heisler-1st, Mrs. Parker-Rdg Specialist

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(L-R) Mrs. Cargill-SPED, Mrs. Hinkle-Aid, Mrs. Poteet-Librarian, Mrs. Lair-Aid, Mrs. Petty-K, Mrs. Howard-Aid, Miss Neal-K

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Mr. Johnson-5th & 6th Language Arts/History, Mr. Brown-Trasportation, Mrs. Seitsinger-Custodian

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Single & Double AR Goal Party 1st 9 Weeks: A Movie and Popcorn

A BIG THANK YOU to Cushing’s Atwoods for donating our popcorn!



5th & 6th Grade Boys


5th & 6th Grade Girls